Home Décor Trend 2018

It’s always best to blaze your own decorating trail.

Yet do freshen up your home and wardrobe with a few key (trendy) pieces every once in a while, to keep up with the trend.

Every year predictions through most searched ideas reveal the trend and gives a pretty good idea of what’s going to be hot in home decor globally this year.

If you are looking into buying a new house or apartment next year, Or, if you’re into changing up your living space every time a new year rolls around, it might be frustrating to pick what type of décor you want. Then you need to be in on these trends.

Speaking of best home décor trends predicted for 2018, whether it’s art around the house, or fun shaped furniture for those lounging areas. Let’s see what we, in India, can do with home décor trends this year. Out with the old and in with the new! Shop the trends that will have your home in style all year long.


1. Staement Sofa

Bold is in. Make sure that your sofa stands out in your living room layout and the wall decor in its background.

Bold Sofa

1. Maximalist Decor (Tips & Lookbook Included!)


Have you had the urge to turn your home into some kind of eclectic and whimsical art gallery, but felt intimated by the growing popularity of the minimalist style? Fear not, you no longer owe it to anyone to curb your artistic instincts and can go all out with your interiors.


“More is more! After years of subtle minimalism, rich, layered and exuberantly collected looks are becoming all the rage. Say hello to Maximalism”.

More is more 1

Recently, we saw resurgence of maximalist clothing styles in trend. The aforementioned can be seen echoing in 2018 home décor trend too… The maximalist trend, reminiscent of dramatic theatre sets of Classical European plays and what not, is in vogue and for good reasons. Why not be in on the fun? If you’re into maximizing, then you’d love mixing colors and prints like

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What Is The Maximalist Style?

It’s the opposite of minimalist! You add everything you love together, irrespective of whether it holds functional value or not. And you don’t stop when it “looks enough”. You push the boundaries of how much you can put in the same room while keeping the look finely balanced between WOW and cluttering overwhelm.

Who Is It For?

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and if filling every nook and corner of your home suits your personal style, go for it!

Love It! But How Do You Get The Maximalist Look In Your Room?

This trend of the excess can go terribly long if not done right. Here are a few keys to keep in mind to understand this style, and to execute it.

Perfect Gallery Wall

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This one is obvious, but also an essential feature of this style. There is little room for negative or empty space in the maximalist room. That means no space should be left undone. However, you will need to clearly think through and keep it in line with the theme of your design.

For example, if you’re going for wall hangings, fill your wall with them! If furniture is what you love, curate and collect different styles to make something unique.

ProTip: Leave little or no space between the images or art hung on the wall to stay true to this style.

Create Your Own Mess of Colours, Patterns and Textures

Own style

Multicoloured is a big yes in the maximalist room style! Mix neon’s with greys, colour block with bold colours, have different wallpapers on each wall or mix and match. Pick a flooring in complete contrast to the rest of the surroundings. Mix prints such as checks with stripes, florals with polka dots, tropical with monochromatic and so on.

ProTip: Go for textured upholstery to add more drama to this look, only because, in this style, you can!

Mix n’ Match it, Your Way

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Free the artist inside of you, and mix and match your favourite styles. Some combinations that work well together are contemporary and vintage, retro and eclectic, traditional and rustic. Use trends generously, such as slogan images with retro pop art (Marilyn Monroe Posters come to mind). Think a central dramatic chandelier with modern metal and abstract lamps. Treat your entire space as a divided canvas and create different styles within those areas.

ProTip: Mix artefacts from different regions and bring them together to create an artistic corner.

Mix n Match 3

Final Word

We LOVE maximalist interior designs, and there are so many ways you can create your very own gorgeous maximalist room. I hope you’ve found some inspiration here to use this trend in your own space with…. What you already own? Or Anything you are really love?


2. Art With Faces

Face Nutan 2a

Faces are a major trend in both vintage and new art right now—there’s a renewed interest in this classic subject matter. If you’re into vintage art, then face art is the trend you need to decorate with in 2018. Not your own or family members face painted around your house, but paintings that have classic crafted faces that make for great wall hangings like this….


3. Curvy Furniture

Curvy is beautiful! 70s-inspired silhouettes deliver style for miles.

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Not only have curves been getting love on the runway, but they’re trending for furniture too. Try fun curvy styles to relax on like this gold velvet chair.

4. Abstract Geometric Art

Abstract Geometric Art

“Taking cues from Albers and Ellsworth Kelly, abstract geometric works in bright colors are exciting. Exercise this….

Turn your home into a fun museum exhibit with fun shapes and colors—perfect for wanting your place to feel bold and new.


5. Lampshades with Character

“We’re seeing strong interest in pleated, patterned and even wicker lampshades. This is a great way to get a sophisticated, “decorator” look and bring freshness to existing lighting pieces,” said Brockway.

Character Lamp shade 4 - Copy

Ditch the basic lampshades in 2018 in favour of funky patterned ones, and let your light shine through some color. Like the Large Mustard Yellow Indian Block Print Gathered Lamp Shade.


Terrazzo is Back!

6. Metropolis – Cities Around the World

Bricks in the home – accent wall or entire room.

Cement textures on floors and walls, moves out of the kitchen into every room in the house.

If you were thinking of getting your decades-old terrazzo flooring replaced, hold that thought! The forgotten flooring of the ’70s (which is still commonly found in Indian homes) is brightening up ceilings, entryways and everything in between. Try using the pattern on a tabletop, or even on the kitchen backsplash!


7. Statement Ceilings

Or what it’s called these days – the fifth wall! Whether you choose to paint it with a bold colour, wallpaper it or even add a unique texture, ceilings are definitely looking up in 2018!

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8. Herringbone Pattern on Walls & Floors

Wall tiles and flooring with a herringbone pattern are versatile, add dimension and make any space more modern. Think beautiful furniture pieces decorated with marquetry (which is the subtle art of creating scenes or patterns using different woods or materials). Indians have been adding the herringbone pattern to their wooden wardrobe and entry doors. But you can just as easily opt for the geometric pattern in your flooring, or on a textured wall!

Heringbone 4

Actress Parineeti Chopra has a herringbone pattern entry doorway to her entertainment room


9. Colorful Statement Doors

Welcome your guests with a bold and bright statement door or even a cute message on the doormat. When done in a tasteful shade, a statement door immediately intensifies up your home’s welcome appeal. Experiment with bold colours, like teal or even a bright ochre!

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10. Resort Vibes At Home: With Spa Bathrooms & Rattan Furniture

Who doesn’t like a vacation home? So bring the vacay vibes home this year with spa-inspired bathrooms and rattan furniture. Rattan makes for a unique idea instead of the age-old cane, and is found easily in India! Here’s an outdoor rattan swing idea from Amazon.

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11. Patterned Plants

Houseplants pack a punch in any space, but when their leaves boast a pattern or multiple colours, you can feature them as decor. Prayer plants are a popular option, as is the red aglaonema plant. You can easily buy both at any local nursery or Amazon.

Patterned Plants


12. BIG Wall Art, Photos & Posters

Those stacked up frames and Polaroid’s on burlap strings are out. Huge paintings that dominate the wall are in! Oversized prints, posters, and paintings are taking centre stage. Hang these on an empty wall in ANY room – it works!

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13. Metallic Finishes

“Metals mesh with any colour palette, but if you are looking to really amp up a space, mix different finishes together,” according to the Pinterest report. An easy way to mix metals is hanging (and using!) copper cutlery & utensils in your stainless-steel kitchen, or adding metallic chairs to your open kitchen.

Copper Matereall - Copy



14. Beautiful Bone Inlays

Bone inlay adds instant drama to any surface, whether in flooring or wall tile. It takes an ordinary piece from meh to marvellous with maximalist drama and geometric designs.

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15. Sage: The (Other) Colour for 2018

While ultraviolet is Pantone’s colour of the year, the soothing sage green is what Pinterest users searched most for in home decor ideas. Sage green is an excellent neutral tone to soften up a space with. If you’re not willing to commit an entire wall to a trending colour, add accents with sage table runners or even a vase!



Which decor trends do you want to add to your home this year?


Also endeavour on these…

Recycle old finds in a sleek and modern way.

Neon has been huge for years and is still going strong.

Iridescent metallics will be everywhere.


So there you go – what will be trending in 2018.

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