DIY Tips to Re-purpose OLD Decor items


Happy New Year2020 A
The happiness of your life depends on the Quality of your Thoughts. “Decorating golden rule: Live with what you love.” —Unknown


Continuing from my last post… “Determine your Decor Style”

Once you have a better understanding of your style, you should determine the right approach to achieve it without spending a fortune. The following tips will just help you do that!


Never underestimate the power of paint! You can paint nearly anything. It is inexpensive and versatile.

Before and After

It can be used to paint cabinets, walls, floors (vinyl and wood), furniture, even a kitchen backsplash! Paint will give your home a fresh new look on a dime. Give your kitchen a makeover by yourself by painting.


You can save lot of money by tackling a room makeover by yourself. Paint the walls yourself. Make the curtains and pillows yourself. Refinish or paint the furniture yourself. Do not be afraid to give it a shot! Many DIY jobs are easily tackled by even the most inexperienced homeowner. Browse DIY blogs and talk to staff at your home improvement stores for tips on DIY jobs. Check flea markets and antique stores for unique pieces to decorate your home.


Flee Market


Purchasing furniture brand new is simply not an option for many people on a tight budget. The good news is that you can find great deals on furniture, light fixtures and art at flea markets, consignment stores, Craigslist and even yard sales. Hunting down deals can be fun and you often find pieces that are much better quality than many things that are manufactured these days.


Curtain with Saree


This is my favorite tip! I completely refreshed my corridor by spending only the reconstruction cost out of pocket because I reused old Saree (traditional Indian garment consisting of a length draped around the body by women) and accessories that I had in our storage/ attic. You would never know it! That an expensive saree which got spoiled due to some stain and being visible at front couldn’t be worn again but is perfectly used as a sheer and airy curtain on a window of a narrow lobby passage.


Go into your attic, closets and/or basement and discover new ways to re-purpose old decor items in your home like the curtains in this mud room.


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